We all learn differently. For most of us, taking notes is a valuable way to help understand and memorize the concepts being presented.

MasterMath has added Note-Taking Format (NTF) Adobe pdf files to help students get more out of each lesson. A link for the NTF can be found with the links to Worksheets and Quizzes on each lesson page. Students can print the NTF before watching the video lesson. As they watch the lesson, they can write notes on the lines to the right of each slide picture. 

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Note-Taking is a skill you need to perfect. There are several good styles of note-taking, and you should choose the one that best suits you. I like Cornell Notes, but other styles can be very effective. For a brief example of note-taking systems, you may want to visit University of Redland’s article:


Another good description of note-taking systems can be found at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s website: http://www.sas.calpoly.edu/asc/ssl/notetakingsystems.html

I would suggest that the student create a folder where their notes can be inserted for review later.