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Mother of Student Being Tutored by MasterMath: "My eldest son was homeschooled from 1st grade-8th grade.  He entered public highschool last year as a freshman.  Up until now, he has always been strong academically and has excelled in most subjects.  This year, he has a math teacher (algebra 2/trig) who is, let’s say, “not the best”. He has been lost in the class since day one!  After the first 6 weeks of school, my son had a “D” in the class, and was really struggling.

Around that time, someone forwarded me a link for Master Math, a support website for math (mostly middle school math).  Hoping this could help, I contacted Stan Lisle, the tutor to see if he would be willing/able to support my son with high school level math. Stan agreed and we started tutoring sessions 4 days/week.

Stan researches and prepares for the lessons in advance (we only had to share the course syllabus with him).  He has a great rapport with my son and seems to genuinely enjoy what he does. 

So, now for the results!  My son just got his first test back since having started the tutoring- guess what?  A 91% (A-).  We are thrilled!

I can’t recommend Stan enough.  If you are needing math support, I suggest you give him a try!" 

Parents of Tutored Student: "All I can say is, THANK YOU!  Our son had a blast working with you.  He told me about the strategy you taught him.  

Thanks for taking the time to connect with him in the beginning.  It helped him relax quite a bit.  I overheard you telling him he was your youngest student.  I appreciate you taking him on despite his age.  I think you will find him a fast learner and eager student.  He enjoys math, and I believe he can really excel in it if given the opportunity."

YouTube Viewer: thanks so much! I have been struggling so much in my math class cuz of this but after i watched this video and looked at it as a game i finally got it! thank you so much again ur da best!!!"

Mother of a Tutored Student: Thank you so much!  I feel like we are finally getting somewhere with math with you working with my son.  He is so encouraged and excited about it."

MasterMath Member: “My son loves your site. It really helps him. Nice reminders for me also. He did 5 lessons the first time he went on….our son has some attention issues. So, to get him to do school work is like pulling teeth. For him to stay on your site for so long was unbelievable. Five lessons! He laughed at the funny pictures and got very serious with doing the problems. Everyone had to be silent while he was working. Another thing that was great with your site was when he had problems with converting fractions to decimals (you knew some of the kids would) all he had to do was go back to 6Th grade math lessons. What a great site for when school starts. Where were you years ago??"

MasterMath Member:I love your site. It has helped me tremendously with my struggling mathematician. We watch your videos in conjunction with our regular lesson plans and his comprehension of the material has increased 10 fold. 

Thanks so much for providing this invaluable resource... for free."

YouTube Viewer: "OMG this helped so much :)"

YouTube Viewer: "thank you sooo much!! all your videos are extremely helpful!"

Mother of Students Being Tutored by MasterMath: "I just wanted to let you know how grateful my husband and I am for my boys being tutored by you. It has helped so much! They both have two different personalities and ways of learning, and you are able to teach them in the way that's comfortable for them. You make their math work so much easier for them to understand. One son had said he had been stuck on a problem for some time now. Just by watching your videos and your help tutoring, he said he went back to those particular problems and now he gets it. My other son has improved so much with your help. He really needs that one on one time where he has total attention and gets that explanation of problems so he can understand for the long-term, and you are helping him so much. We really appreciate you taking the time and making it affordable for my boys to get the one on one help they need. Thank you so much."

Mother of On-Line Tutoring Student: "I can't thank you enough for the time you are spending with Ben. I know it is very, very late for you. What a kind service to a boy you barely know!"

YouTube viewer: "this helped alot thank you"

MasterMath Member: “Your site looks great. Should be a great help to many parents and students. Thanks for putting it together. It will certainly come in handy this school year.”

5th Grade Math Teacher: “Stan this is fantastic ! I would love to use your website and wish it was designed for the 5th grade in which I teach. Good luck with it because I believe that the students could only flourish using it in the school classrooms”

YouTube Viewer: Thank you sir very nice other tutorials are very complicated but you did it just right.”

MasterMath Member: "I am so glad I stumbled upon your site.  I am a mom of 5 and am currently homeschooling an 8th grader and a 5th grader.… I have homeschooled in the past but I realized at the beginning of this school year that my children were not getting the fundamental basics they desperately need.  Long story short, I have pulled them and am currently in a process of review and catchup.  I am reviewing all up to 5th grade for my 8th grader and it's amazing how much he did not learn in school.  We will be starting your 6th grade program very soon and hope to accelerate rapidly finishing with your 8th grade level by the end of summer 2012.… I know a number of people that have turned to homeschooling and I have referred them to your site.  I also know a lot of parents just looking for that supplement or extra help their kids need, and I have also referred them.  Your program is so well thought and planned out...
Thanks again for your hard work and knowledge

YouTube viewer: "Thank you so much I went a week ago online and couldnt find a good explanation for slope, I finished seventh grade and tomorow I have a test to enter a new school so this really helped me prepare for it!!!! Thank you once again and please continue these great videos they will help me during the year!!! :)"