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How Master Math works for Home Schooled Students


            There are over 145 lessons, scheduled as 6th, 7th, 8th grade or Algebra 1 curriculum. Each lesson includes a 10 – 20 minute Video Lesson explaining a concept. Unlike other video math lessons, our videos include “You Try It” sections, where the student is given a problem, asked to pause the video, try the problem, and then restart the video. I then tell them the correct answer and show them how I did it.

            Each lesson also includes

  1. A printable Worksheet with problems similar to those covered in the video;
  2. An Answer Sheet with solutions to the Worksheet Problems;
  3. An Online Quiz: If the student gets a problem wrong, an explanation of the solution appears;
  4. Cool Links to other websites for practice and further discussion of the concept.

            All or the above is free. There are a few elements to the program for which a fee is charged.

            At the end of each quarter, there is an exam covering the concepts of that quarter. The exams can be graded by the parents, or for $35, I’ll grade the exam, and then conduct an hours online review of the results with the student.

            Very, very few middle school students are ready for an independent learning environment. They need adult supervision to help motivate them, help them understand difficult concepts, and help push them to higher-order thinking. Some parents have the time and experience necessary to take on this role. For others, I offer online tutoring. The tutoring is conducted on a web conferencing platform: GoToMeeting.com. The student needs a computer with broadband internet access. It is very helpful if their computer has speakers and a mic, but alternately, a telephone can be used to supply audio. The sessions last an hour. For a regular student, I prepare a lesson schedule, and then create a PowerPoint presentation to guide us through the lesson. The student and I can hear each other talk. The student can see me, and I can see the student if they have their computer webcam turned on. I can write on my screen to explain problems. Students using touchscreens can also write on my screen; others can write on my screen with their mouse.

            The lessons are engaging and effective. Kids love computers and technology, and they seem to prosper in this web conferencing environment. You can see a sample tutoring session at this link: Sample Session.

            My tutored students also received a free membership to www.IXL.com. This is a tremendous website, with thousands of online quizzes covering every concept needed to master middle grades math. After each session, I email the student, and/or you, with a set of Practice sections from IXL where they can get further practice of the concept. Fees for IXL membership are $9.95 per month or $79 per year, but my students received a free membership. And I have access to their IXL records, so I can track how they are doing, and where more work is needed.

            For the program to work well, all elements must be used. There are approximately 32 - 50 lessons per school year. I suggest 1 – 1.5 lessons per week. The Video Lesson with You Try It Problems should take about 20 – 45 minutes. If used correctly a 15 minute lesson should take at least 20 minutes, since there are usually 3 You Try It Problems that require the student to pause the video while they try a problem. It is also often helpful to watch the videos more than once. The Worksheet should take about ½ hour. The Online Quiz should take about 15 – 20 minutes, but it also can be taken with benefit more than once. The Cool Links can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. That’s a minimum of about 2 hours per week. I suggest one tutoring session per week, which last another hour. And then the student should do about an additional hour per week practicing at www.IXL.com. That about 4 hours per week of work. And your cost, if you purchase multiple tutoring sessions, is only $21.88 per week. Of course it’s free without IXL and tutoring.

            Does it work? I hope you’ll check out what my students and their parents have told me: What People Are Saying.

            I look forward to meeting your children, and helping them Master Math.


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